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‘The View’ Loses It Over Trump Getting ‘Fair Trial’, Suggest Odd Punishments If 45 is Convicted

The following article, 'The View' Loses It Over Trump Getting 'Fair Trial', Suggest Odd Punishments If 45 is Convicted, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Some of “The View” hosts appeared dismayed Thursday that former President Donald Trump should be afforded the rights of the accused that our Constitution guarantees.

Sara Haines stated that it blew her mind that Trump’s trial could go past the 2024 election.

“Our legal system, for good reason, always protects the defendant over everyone else, and in this instance what bothers me is, don’t we think we should know everything about this trial before someone goes to a voting booth to vote for the president of the United States?” she asked.

Haines then referenced a CNN interview former Attorney General Bill Barr gave Wednesday, following Trump’s indictment on a third round of charges by special counsel Jack Smith.

“And Bill Barr was saying last night, you know, the system leans towards making sure he has a fair trial and that just blew my mind, because I don’t how you can let people go to a voting booth …” Haines continued.

Co-host Sunny Hostin also chimed in, accusing Barr of being a Trump enabler.

“He’s, in my view, partly responsible for what we’re seeing as the weaponization of the government. He started that trend,” Hostin asserted.

“And having worked at the Department of Justice, I had never seen that. When you work there, you don’t know who’s a Republican, you don’t know who’s a Democrat. You’re just prosecutors. You’re just all working together. He changed that,” she added.

My, oh my. How deceived and partisan can one be to think that Barr started the weaponization of the Justice Department?

As a reminder, it was during the Obama administration that the FBI launched “Crossfire Hurricane” targeting the 2016 Trump campaign. The DOJ then appointed special counsel Robert Mueller to further investigate Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia.

Twenty-two months later, it was shown to all be a hoax.

Barr, whatever his faults, at least as attorney general brought that sad Mueller chapter to a close.

We later learned the whole matter was mostly predicated on the infamous Steele dossier, paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

It doesn’t get more political than that.

The Obama IRS also targeted conservative political groups for extra scrutiny, which the DOJ refused to prosecute.

And now, the Biden administration is using the DOJ to target the president’s chief political rival with ridiculous round after round of criminal charges, while it tried to let the president’s son Hunter off with a sweetheart deal for evading taxes and a gun violation.

The DOJ recommended probation, no prison time and immunity for the other more serious crimes with which he could have been charged.

It was so patently unjust that the judge would not let it fly.

Hostin went on to speculate what it would look like if Trump were convicted. She acknowledged it would be a problem for his Secret Service security detail, because he would not be able to be a normal prison inmate.

She suggested he could be fitted with an ankle bracelet and confined to Mar-a-Lago, or perhaps placed in solitary confinement in prison.

For these ludicrous ginned-up crimes? Prison time? Give me a break.

Co-host Joy Behar at least brought some comic relief to that subject. “Maybe they can put him in a room with just us,” she joked.

Now that would be “cruel and unusual” punishment, which is prohibited by the Constitution.

Fellow host Alyssa Farah Griffin responded, “I don’t know who would break first.”

Back to the overarching issue: “View” hosts, the problem is not that voters may not know whether Trump will be convicted before the election. The problem is that he was ever charged at all.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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