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‘Great Opportunity’: Devon Archer Tells Tucker Carlson Why Hunter Biden Was Hired to Firm

On Wednesday's episode of "Tucker on Twitter," Tucker Carlson, left, interviewed Hunter Biden's business partner Devon Archer and got insight into Biden and his position in the company.
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The following article, 'Great Opportunity': Devon Archer Tells Tucker Carlson Why Hunter Biden Was Hired to Firm, was first published on Flag And Cross.

In a revealing interview with Devon Archer, former Burisma partner of Hunter Biden, Tucker Carlson brought to light detailed information that markedly contradicts President Joe Biden’s repeated claims that he was not involved in his son’s business dealings in the Ukrainian corporation.

Carlson began by asking about the specific skills Hunter Biden possessed that would have rendered him a logical candidate for his position on the board of the Ukrainian energy company.

When Hunter Biden joined the board, numerous players along the political spectrum expressed confusion about what qualified him for the job, and the questions plagued him throughout his time at Burisma.

The concerns from all sides were significant enough that the Senate itself released a lengthy report on the investigation into the issue.

Asked if Hunter Biden had a “sophisticated” understanding of the regulatory issues he was asked to oversee, Archer simply said that he “led a team” that had the expertise.

Archer declined to speculate on whether Hunter Biden could possibly have gotten the job without being the son of the vice president.

However, he stated outright that although Hunter Biden was a graduate of Yale Law School, it was “ultimately the Biden brand” that made him such a desirable asset to the company.

He reiterated, “The brand of Biden adds a lot of power when your dad’s the vice president.”

Tucker commented “When people say, ‘Well there’s some question about whether Hunter was trading on his father’s name?’ If you live in Washington, that’s the whole city right there.”

Chuckling, Archer said, “At the end of the day, he had the best advantage to do that because of where he was … We thought that when we went into business this was a great opportunity.”

Carlson went on to ask if Joe Biden had been involved in actual company meetings, to which Archer responded that the senior Biden had probably been put on speaker phone in approximately 20 meetings.

He noted that both employees and the vice president himself were certainly aware of the presence of the other.

Archer also shared a personal note from Joe Biden apologizing for failing to interact with Archer at an important political luncheon, explaining that he was “having trouble getting away from hosting President Hu” of China.

The senior Biden even went on to express how glad he was that “you guys,” referring to Archer and his son, “are together.”

Noting that such questionable arrangements were hardly unusual in Washington D.C., Tucker commented, “The business of Washington is selling access.”

Archer agreed that he had found this to be the case, recalling that Burisma had requested help from government agencies with such tasks as getting a visa for a company participant.

However, Carlson clarified that although these tactics might have been the norm in government, it was still “disingenuous” for Democrats to deny Joe Biden’s close ties to Hunter Biden’s business and to ignore his obvious dishonesty about the situation.

Looking back on the entirety of the circumstances, Archer concluded that Joe Biden’s involvement was “an abuse of soft power.”

Indeed, the interview left little doubt that Archer considered the man who was the vice president at the time to be very much involved in his son’s business dealings.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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