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Hateful Comments Target Trump and Little Girl After Touching Moment, Then Her Mom Steps Forward with the Truth

Former President Donald Trump signs a young girl's hand in Louisiana.
@patriottakes / Twitter video screen shot

The following article, Hateful Comments Target Trump and Little Girl After Touching Moment, Then Her Mom Steps Forward with the Truth, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Hateful comments poured in after former President Donald Trump was seen signing a young girl’s hand in Louisiana, a trend that was quickly checked as the little one’s mother stepped in with the truth.

The girl appeared to be all smiles during her Tuesday encounter with Trump, but this meeting was soon twisted into a target for vile attacks.

A video of the signing was uploaded to PatriotTakes, an account on the social media network formerly known as Twitter describing itself as “researchers monitoring and exposing right-wing extremism and other threats to democracy.” In reality, the account appears to simply be an obsessive daily detailing of Trump and conservatives associated with him.

It’s unclear which part of the video below PatriotTakes considers a bigger threat to democracy — Trump, his MAGA hat-wearing supporters, or the little girl herself.

Hateful messages soon flooded the comments section. Many were directed against Trump, but others targeted the girl’s parents and even the innocent child herself.

While the deranged left might believe the video showed negligent parents foisting their child toward a sexual predator, the girl’s mom told a completely different story about the touching encounter.

In an interview with RedState, Hilary Thompson identifies the little girl as her daughter, Amelia Grace Thompson. Describing the scene as the family arrived to see Trump at New Orleans’ Louis Armstrong International Airport, she reveals the meeting was nothing like the vile narratives being posted.

“We go down there, and Trump ends up walking around to where we are, and we get to meet him,” Thompson told RedState. “He writes on her hand: ‘Hi!’ with an exclamation point on it. We went home, and we were super excited about it, and in the next two hours, it had already rubbed off.”

Thompson said her daughter was thrilled about the chance of simply seeing Trump and begged to meet the 45th president before they arrived. As Trump exited the plane, events seemed to play out exactly how Amelia Grace wanted them to.

Unfortunately, Thompson left court late and arrived as Secret Service officers began to control the entrances.

Would you like to meet Trump?

A swift appeal to nearby Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry from Amelia Grace quickly reversed the family’s fortunes. Landry, who carries Trump’s endorsement as he runs for governor in the state’s gubernatorial election this year, quickly jumped into action and secured entry for the young girl’s mother.

Thompson said the president had been nothing but kind and helped put a “huge smile” on her daughter’s face for the rest of the day. The family left with an unforgettable memory, but things soon took a twisted turn.

“Then,” Thompson explained, “this really crazy Twitter page called PatriotTakes started talking about it and then demonizing the moment and allowing all of their followers to do that as well.”

“Basically, with this consensus between these articles that we were reading is that my daughter was unhappy about it and that we kind of made her do it — where it couldn’t have been further from the truth.”

There you have it, from the mouth of the mother herself. This little girl wasn’t forced against her will to see Trump but actually begged for the chance to meet him.

We know that crazed liberals will do whatever they can to stoke hatred and division in America.

This little girl’s touching encounter with Trump, and the sickening kneejerk response from the left, now proves that these twisted political forces will create hatred if none is to be found.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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