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‘Make it the Hamptons Next’ – Meghan McCain Pushes for Illegal Immigrants to Be Dropped Off at More Rich Liberal Enclaves

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The following article, 'Make it the Hamptons Next' - Meghan McCain Pushes for Illegal Immigrants to Be Dropped Off at More Rich Liberal Enclaves, was first published on Flag And Cross.

As Massachusetts officials denounced Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for sending illegal immigrants to their state and tried to find a place to dump several dozen people flown to Martha’s Vineyard this week, conservative firebrand Meghan McCain said the tactic might be provocative, but it is necessary.

On Wednesday, two planes of illegal immigrants arrived on Martha’s Vineyard, best known as a destination for the rich and a home for the famous, including former President Barack Obama.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker on Thursday said the state is exploring shunting the new arrivals to Joint Base Cape Cod until it figures out its next step, according to MassLive

Democratic state Senate President Karen Spilka was among the officials in the sanctuary state attacking DeSantis.

“It is disgusting and abhorrent that an out-of-state governor has decided to engage in what is tantamount to a form of human trafficking for pure political games,” Spilka said in a statement.

“Yes, it is a political stunt. And it is an extremely effective one,” McCain wrote in an op-ed in the Daily Mail.

She said governors such as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey — who have bused illegal immigrants to cities such as Washington D.C. — and DeSantis “are quite literally bringing the border crisis to the homes of willfully blind liberals, who preach open borders and advocate for sanctuary cities without ever coming face to face with the consequences of their actions.”

“Dropping migrants off at Kamala and Barack’s doorstep is a gut-punch. Frankly, it’s a shocking escalation. But how else would these migrants and this issue get the attention it deserves?” McCain wrote, referring to the flights to Martha’s Vineyard and the recent Texas tactic of dropping illegal immigrants off at the residence of Vice President Kamala Harris.

McCain said despite the outrage, governors should keep up what they are doing until a sane discussion of immigration policy emerges in Congress.

“Until the left starts living in reality and stops calling anyone who disagrees with them racist and inhumane, Governors DeSantis, Abbott and Ducey should keep sending illegal immigrants to their front doorsteps. Heck do Sag Harbor and The Hamptons next. It’s where most liberal media hosts have second homes,” she wrote.

McCain,  daughter of the late Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, said it is a cruel necessity that all of America learn what border states have been experiencing for years.

“Republicans are finally calling the Democrats’ bluff on U.S. immigration policy in the most visceral way,” she wrote, noting how Democratic mayors have responded by demanding federal help.

“But no federal help is coming. That sounds familiar,” McCain wrote. “The most elite and insulated areas of the country are now dealing with the issues that border state citizens and politicians have faced on a daily basis for years.”

McCain said that when border state officials were the only ones suffering the pain of ill-conceived immigration policies, “It was too easy for the left to dismiss warnings from Americans on the border by decrying them as racists and bigots. Lapdog mainstream media was all too happy to go along with that dangerous and disingenuous narrative.”

“Of course, this issue was never about racism or bigotry. It is always about soft-hearted, utopian policies that cause more suffering. It takes real courage to do what is right and that’s a secure border and controlled immigration,” wrote McCain, who said from her life in Arizona, she is “acutely aware of how dangerous and inhumane our system is. Pregnant women die in the desert trying to cross the border, immigrants drown trying to swim across the Rio Grande, entire busloads of immigrants bake to death in extreme heat as they’re smuggled in trailer trucks.”

McCain said the outrage over the flights to Martha’s Vineyard is very selective.

“In many ways, Governor DeSantis is taking a page out of President Joe Biden’s playbook. Last year, more than 70 flights carrying migrants from the border landed in Jacksonville, Florida without warning,” she wrote. “Why is it any different for DeSantis to send migrants to Massachusetts?”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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