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WILD:  First NH Poll Shows Who’s Leading 2024 GOP Race

The following article, WILD:  First NH Poll Shows Who's Leading 2024 GOP Race, was first published on Flag And Cross.

With only a few scant weeks left until the nation discovers who the big winners and losers of the 2022 midterms are going to be, the focus of the national narrative is ever-so-slightly shifting toward the bigger, more bombastic picture in 2024.

And in that scene we often envision Donald Trump squaring off in a  rematch with President Biden, unless of course the Democratic Party can somehow convince Sleepy Joe to head out to pasture in Delaware…for their own good.

But the latest polling from New Hampshire has our picture skewing a bit…and in the direction of the Sunshine State.

A shocking new poll in the all-important primary state of New Hampshire shows Florida Governor Ron DeSantis currently ahead of former President Donald Trump.

The University of New Hampshire Survey Center released a study which found that if Joe Biden and Trump were to have a presidential rematch, the current president would once again defeat his predecessor with 50 percent of the vote to Trump’s 43. This is similar to the margin Biden had over Trump in 2020, but the contest between Biden and DeSantis would be considerably tighter if they were competing in 2024.

The poll shows that in this scenario, Biden would receive 90 percent of the vote again from people who voted for him before, but DeSantis would have 97 percent of Trump’s voters behind him compared to the the former president’s 91 percent. On top of that, the overall result among New Hampshire voters is Biden would get 46 percent of the vote, but DeSantis would edge him out with 47 percent.

And here is where it gets even more interesting:

“When provided with a list of Republicans who are thought by observers to be considering running for President in 2024, likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters (N=318) are split between DeSantis and Trump, with 39 percent preferring the Florida governor and 37 percent supporting the former president,” the poll assesses.

DeSantis has certainly been busy raising his national profile in recent months, taking on a number of the country’s most heated debates, but the Florida Governor has remained rather coy as it pertains to the 2024 election.

Perhaps this poll will get the gears turning a little quicker.

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