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South Korea Warns North May Be Mobilizing Nukes 

The following article, South Korea Warns North May Be Mobilizing Nukes , was first published on Flag And Cross.

The one thing that this turbulent world of ours certainly doesn’t need right now is another overcompensating dictator waving his nuclear arsenal around.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin has been using his atomic arsenal as a buffer against intervention in Ukraine, where his troops have been committing enough war crimes, and with enough frequency, to have the international community start using The ‘G’ Word.

But now, thousands of miles away, another dainty despot is apparently getting ready to engage in some nuclear belligerence of his own.

North Korea discussed assigning additional duties to front-line army units at a key military meeting, state media said Thursday, a move that analysts said indicates it plans to deploy battlefield nuclear weapons targeting South Korea along the rivals’ tense border.

While much international attention has focused on North Korea’s testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles potentially capable of reaching the U.S. mainland, it is also developing a variety of nuclear-capable short-range missiles that can target South Korea.

Now the equation comes together, however.

South Korean officials recently said that North Korea has completed preparations for its first test of a nuclear explosive device in five years, part of a possible effort to build warheads capable of being mounted on short-range missiles.

North Korea’s potential marriage of a nuclear warhead to an intercontinental ballistic missile would usher in a new era of conflict in the region, and could bring the eyes of the world back to the Korean Peninsula in a very focused manner.

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