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Biden Admin’s E-cig and Nicotine Policies Will Bolster Big Tobacco 

The following article, Biden Admin's E-cig and Nicotine Policies Will Bolster Big Tobacco , was first published on Flag And Cross.

While the Biden administration certainly believes that they are saying all the right things, in actuality, some of their policy decisions of late have been abhorrently misguided.

The entire team appears to be highly unmotivated to boot, (just look at Border Czar Kamala Harris’ inaction), and the American people have lost enough confidence in Sleepy Joe to reward him with some of the worst approval polling numbers in modern history.

And now, with a pair of potential changes coming to the tobacco economy, the Biden administration will appear on the surface to be pushing people away from smoking, while they’ll actually be creating a rather large windfall for Big Tobacco.

The first move could happen as soon as this week.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is set to order the popular Juul e-cigarettes off the market in the United States, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Anonymous sources told the outlet the FDA will reject Juul’s application for authorization for its tobacco- and menthol-flavored products to remain on the United States market. The denial order, which could come as early as Wednesday, would follow a roughly two-year review process of data the vaping company presented in its quest to seek that authorization.

So, this will naturally send many e-cig smokers back to the real thing…but even that could be facing the winds of change.

Today, the Biden-Harris Administration published plans for future potential regulatory actions that include the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s plans to develop a proposed product standard that would establish a maximum nicotine level to reduce the addictiveness of cigarettes and certain other combusted tobacco products. The goal of the potential rule would be to reduce youth use, addiction and death.

Each year, 480,000 people die prematurely from a smoking-attributed disease, making tobacco use the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States. Additionally, tobacco use costs nearly $300 billion a year in direct health care and lost productivity.

While nicotine is not what makes smoking cigarettes so toxic, it’s the ingredient that makes it very hard to quit smoking. Addiction to nicotine in combusted products is the main driver of sustained use of these products. In fact, more than half of adult cigarette smokers make a serious quit attempt each year (quitting for at least a day), but most do not succeed due to the addictive nature of cigarettes. Such a product standard, if proposed and then finalized after a thorough process, would make those products minimally- or non-addictive.

And so, not only will more Americans be smoking traditional cigarettes again, but these traditional cigarettes will also be less potent, creating a situation where these folks will also be buying and smoking more cigarettes to catch the same buzz.

Swing and a miss, Joe.  Swing and a miss.

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