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Trump to Jail?  Watergate Prosecutor Thinks Georgia Could Do It

The following article, Trump to Jail?  Watergate Prosecutor Thinks Georgia Could Do It, was first published on Flag And Cross.

One of the latest liberal talking points being introduced into the national narrative this week seems to be the possibility of Donald Trump going to jail.

The timing of the suggestions are spurious at best, and seem to reveal a coordinated effort to put the idea itself out into the ether.  Rep. Adam Kinzinger began on Sunday with talk of Trump being guilty of “seditious conspiracy”, and now we have a former Watergate prosecutor suggesting that the former President could be jailed in Georgia over his concerns regarding the 2020 election.

A prosecutor who worked on the Watergate case against Richard Nixon 50 years ago said on Sunday that a Georgia election interference case is the most likely to send former President Trump to prison.

“I think that’s enough. If you’re asking me which of the cases right now, which one is going to send Donald Trump to prison, that’s the case,” Nick Akerman told MSNBC on Sunday, referring to a January 2021 call between Trump and Georgia’s secretary of state.

And Akerman seemed fairly certain of it.

“If I had to put my money on one prosecution that’s going to go forward here that would send Donald Trump to jail, it’s Georgia,” Akerman, a former prosecutor with the Watergate Special Prosecution Force under Archibald Cox and Leon Jaworski, said. “No question about it.”

Of course, they don’t call him Teflon Don for nothing, as Donald Trump has endured and rebuked countless legal challenges in the past with nary a scratch to show for it.

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Has there been, at any time in recorded history, anybody who caused such abject fright, even terror, to the DemoSocialists? They’ve now concentrated their best efforts for the past six years in destroying this one man, spent millions of (mostly taxpayer) dollars in that pursuit, sicced their lapdog media to excoriate him endlessly. They even impeached him twice over frivolous charges (once after he wasn’t even in office) and sought to impose the 25th Amendment to force him from office. Even though they believe fervently in the Beria quote, “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime” they’ve… Read more »

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