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Ukraine Finds War Crime Evidence in Latest Mass Exhumation 

The following article, Ukraine Finds War Crime Evidence in Latest Mass Exhumation , was first published on Flag And Cross.

Much like the people of Europe were unaware of the full  horror of Nazi Germany’s actions until after World War II had ended, there are likely untold atrocities yet to be discovered in Ukraine, as desperate Russian forces continue to employ brutal and inhumane methods to secure the eastern front.

Russia’s army has been less than effective, militarily, and have thus turned to barbarism to maintain what little ground they’ve gained in Ukraine.  Rape, torture, and execution are all a part of the plan, and a notable number of world leaders have begun to describe the situation unflinchingly as “genocide”.

Now, a grim and gruesome discovery on the outskirts of Bucha has once again thrust Russia’s atrocities into the international spotlight.

The lush green beauty of a pine forest with singing birds contrasted with the violent deaths of newly discovered victims of Russia’s war in Ukraine, as workers exhumed bodies from another mass grave near the town of Bucha on Kyiv’s outskirts.

The hands of several victims were tied behind their backs. The gruesome work of digging up the remains coincided with the Ukrainian police chief’s report that authorities have opened criminal investigations into the killings of more than 12,000 people since Russia’ invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24.

Workers wearing white hazmat suits and masks used shovels to exhume bodies from the soil of the forest, marking each section with small yellow numbered signs on the ground. The bodies, covered in cloth and dirt, attracted flies.

There was irrefutable evidence of war crimes as well:

“Shots to the knees tell us that people were tortured,” Andriy Nebytov, head of the Kyiv regional police, said at the scene. “The hands tied behind the back with tape say that people had been held (hostage) for a long time and (enemy forces) tried to get any information from them.”

The revelation was enough to prompt a stern plea from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who compared these massacres and mass graves as akin to the actions of the Nazis.

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