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Hollywood LGBT Star Is Now a Prime Grooming Suspect

The following article, Hollywood LGBT Star Is Now a Prime Grooming Suspect, was first published on Flag And Cross.

An actor who has been accused of “grooming” a young Native American woman for years cannot be located by authorities looking to serve an order barring him from contacting her, according to the woman’s parents.

A document from Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Court in North Dakota signed on Tuesday ordered Ezra Miller “shall have no contact and shall not harass Tokata Iron Eyes, Sara Jumping Eagle and Chase Iron Eyes,” according to Fox News.

Miller is known for his roles in the “Fantastic Beasts” film series and playing the superhero Flash in the 2017 “Justice League” film.

In court documents, according to Fox, Chase Iron Eyes and his wife, Sara Jumping Eagle, accused Miller of using “cult-like and psychologically manipulative, controlling behavior” to mislead their daughter, Tokata Iron Eyes.

The parents accuse Miller of “grooming” their daughter from the time she was 12, when he met her while protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline on the Standing Rock reservation in North Dakota, according to the Post. She is now 18.

As the media entertainment site MEAW has reported, Miller claims he is a non-binary transgendered individual, which the parents say is how their daughter now describes herself. She previously described herself as “non-binary, queer, gay,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Miller and Tokata were recently reported traveling in California with several other young women, Jumping Eagle said, according to the New York Post.

“He’s not letting Tokata or the other girls bathe or wear makeup,” Jumping Eagle, a pediatrician on the Pine Ridge reservation, told the Post. “They have to ask his permission. It’s an R. Kelly type situation and it’s very scary.”

Chase Iron Eyes, an attorney and activist, said he and the court “have no idea of knowing where Tokata and Ezra are to gain help from other jurisdictions” to serve Miller with the order,  according to the Los Angeles Times.

“They move around so much [that] we’re stuck in this legal limbo situation, and we can’t serve them in any place they’re in long enough,” Chase Iron Eyes said.

“They’ve been flighty. They’ve been avoiding service, and now there’s public pressure mounting on them to make a decision, which makes us very concerned about Ezra’s volatile nature. … We’re working very hard to get this order enforced wherever they are,” he said.

A July 12 hearing has been set on the order, Chase Iron Eyes said. The order, which invokes the federal Violence Against Women Act, will officially ban Miller from contacting the girl if he does not show up.

Although Tokata Iron eyes is 18, tribal rules mean her parents are still her legal guardians.

“Ezra uses violence, intimidation, threat of violence, fear, paranoia, delusions, and drugs to hold sway over a young adolescent Tokata,” the parents wrote in a court filing to secure the order.

An Instagram message rebutting the allegations was posted to Tokata’s account. Her mother, however, said the account is being controlled by Miller.

“When is Ezra going to talk? If Tokata is in charge of her own destiny then she will determine to come back to Standing Rock to reclaim her credibility,” Chase Iron Eyes said. “Same goes for Ezra.”

Miller is the star of the movie “The Flash,” which is scheduled to be released next year.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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