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ICKY:  Leftists Gather to Celebrate J6 Hearing with Outdoor ‘Viewing Party’

The following article, ICKY:  Leftists Gather to Celebrate J6 Hearing with Outdoor 'Viewing Party', was first published on Flag And Cross.

There are plenty of lessons to be learned in politics, and plenty of great teachers out there for them, but there is one things that just simply can’t be taught:  Class.

And, when it comes to keeping it classy, there is little evidence that the left side of the aisle is interested in acquiring such poise.  Case in point, the gauche display of schadenfreude that we’ve witnessed in corroboration with the January 6th select committee’s first public hearings.

A watch party in D.C. for the January 6 Committee hearing drew a few hundred attendees, who gathered around an outdoor screen Thursday night to watch the primetime event play out.

Those in attendance appeared to be preparing for a low-key concert rather than an explosive political discussion.

The crowd, situated just beyond the U.S. Capitol building, was mostly relaxed and low-energy, sitting on blankets and folding chairs, some eating ice cream that had been provided.

“The information they’re providing sets up another referendum in the midterms in 2022,” an opening speaker told attendees just before the hearing aired. The speaker noted the committee “can’t get up there and say who to vote and not vote for … but we can,” further underscoring the political nature of the hearing.

And it wasn’t just in DC, either:

The watch party, hosted by a group called Public Citizen, was part of a larger network of watch events arranged nationally in partnership with several left-leaning groups to help the hearing “break through the busy news cycle and reach the American public,” per the events’ central website.

The crowd was even seen cheering or clapping when anti-Trump rhetoric was sprouted, again reinforcing the discomforting nature of the event.

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