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Ukraine Could Enter Russian Territory to Retake Donbas

The following article, Ukraine Could Enter Russian Territory to Retake Donbas, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Russia’s belligerence during their invasion of Ukraine will likely be one of the most well-studied failures of a modern military force for decades to come, or longer, and the more that Ukraine and the west poke the bear, the more ridiculous the Kremlin’s behavior could become.

Vlad Putin has already been spouting nonstop nuclear threats aimed at the rest of the world, and he’s commanded his armies to commit horrendous atrocities in the region to boot.

But now, as Ukraine prepares their boldest piece of defense yet, there are concerns that it could trigger something every more worrisome from Putin.

Speaking on Ukrainian television’s Channel 24, adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Viktor Andrusiv said that in his opinion, recapturing the Donbas might mean Ukrainian forces have to cross into Russian territory proper.

According to Andrusiv, it is now obvious to everyone that Ukraine is waging a defensive war, but entering the territory of the Russian Federation may have undesirable consequences.

“It (will be) much more difficult, I think, to recapture Donbas,” Andrusiv said.

Andrusiv understood what was at stake.

“Why? Because in order to win (the Donbas) back from a tactical point of view, we need to understand that we (might) have to enter the territory of Russia, and this (would have) many far-reaching international consequences.”

Russia’s goals in Ukraine have long been a bit malleable, with undulations often arriving after sustained losses by the Kremlin’s fighting force.  But a move to enter Russian territory, or even territory unjustly claimed by Russia, risks a major rebuke from Putin himself.

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