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Michael Cohen Caught ‘Overstating’ His Role During Manhattan Trump Case

Michael Cohen

The following article, Michael Cohen Caught 'Overstating' His Role During Manhattan Trump Case, was first published on Flag And Cross.

For every alleged bombshell that Michael Cohen attempts to convince us of, there are plenty of instances in which we can point to his habitual lack of honesty as well.  It’s as though Cohen is playing the character that the media has been asking for:  The “shady” lawyer who turns on his former client.

Cohen has been a thorn in Donald Trump’s side ever since he ended his professional relationship with the former President and businessman, dropping all manner of salacious stories and soundbites intended to damage Trump’s reputation and keep Cohen in the spotlight.

The problem is that Cohen has been caught in some serious untruths in the process, including lying to Congress – a crime that saw him do time under house arrest.

Now, as a case against Trump develops in Manhattan, it turns out that Cohen has mislead the litigation in that instance as well.

Donald Trump’s former attorney Michael Cohen has made misleading statements overstating his role in the Manhattan district attorney’s case against the Trump Organization and its top financial executive, Allen Weisselberg, prosecutors say.

And Cohen’s credibility problem may also have played a role in Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s highly controversial decision to back off the prosecution of Trump himself.

“Based on the motions, it seems unlikely that the DA would ever use Cohen as a witness against Weisselberg,” said Daniel R. Alonso, former deputy to ex-Manhattan DA Cy Vance.

And then…

“But could he be a witness against Trump?” Alonso asked. “To start with, he has enormous credibility issues, not only because he has lied in the past and been convicted of it, but also because he has a strong motive to see Trump’s downfall.”

Cohen’s credibility concerns are well known in conservative circles despite the media’s unwitting dependence on them, but this case could bring his unreliable nature to the mainstream.

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