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Bidenflation: Cost of Eggs Soar 161% amid Shortages

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Thanks to Bidenflation, the cost of America’s breakfasts is soaring as the cost of eggs have gone up not ten percent, not fifty percent, but 161 percent.

Eggs might be good for the body, but it most certainly not for the wallet.

Thanks to Joe Biden’s failing economy.

The egg industry has already suffered at the hands of the avian flu. But inflation is also an increasing problem for eggs.

According to the Producer Price Index:

The largest jump in food prices were for “eggs for fresh use,” where costs for businesses to supply their products and package them for everyday shoppers rose 161.3%. It was the only food item with a triple digit increase in price listed in the PPI.

This means that the eggs used by bakers, fry cooks, and even on breakfast menus for fast-food joints are much more expensive compared to April 2021. The price for consumers was up too, with eggs 22.6% more expensive than in April 2021.

The Department of Agriculture’s Food Price Outlook for 2022 is also dour: “Farm-level egg prices increased by 110.1 percent in April 2022. The price increases followed the loss of millions of laying hens to highly pathogenic avian influenza, primarily in Iowa and the surrounding States. Farm-level egg prices are now predicted to increase between 73.5 and 76.5 percent in 2022.”

As Legal Insurrection added: “Additionally, the Russia-Ukraine war has resulted in price rises in fertilizer and other costs associated with egg production. Sweden and the United Kingdom are both reporting that production is being cut and that an egg shortage is possible.”

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