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LOOK:  Trail Cam Catches Spooky ‘Dogman’ Outside Texas Zoo

The following article, LOOK:  Trail Cam Catches Spooky 'Dogman' Outside Texas Zoo, was first published on Flag And Cross.

For many Americans, a trip to the zoo can bring back fond memories from childhood, like the first time you saw just how good some animals’ camouflage is when trying to spot them in authentic-ish habitats, or the when you first flinched at just how loud some of these animals are.

But in Texas, the roaring and trumpeting isn’t the only thing that’ll spook you, as one peculiar photograph from a zoo’s trail cam has shown us.

The very weird image (which can be seen below) was reportedly shared on Reddit last month by a user who claims that the picture popped up on a “private zookeeper Facebook group.” According to this individual, the photo was captured by a trail camera that was pointed at a fence that runs along the perimeter of a zoo believed to be in the city of Amarillo. Although the picture’s chain of custody is rather suspect, the interloper seen in the image is undeniably weird.

Said to have been taken in the early morning of May 21st of this year, the photo features what appears to be a bipedal creature boasting the head of a dog.

‘Dogman’ may not be as popular as his cryptid cousin the Sasquatch, but tales of his nightly prowls have been part of midwestern lore for a while. This particular creature likely wasn’t as big as Sasquatch either.

Although it is difficult to discern how big the oddity might be, it is said to be standing next to an eight foot tall fence, which would seem that the ‘visitor’ is around half that height.

So, what’s scarier at this zoo: The deadly animals inside, or the oddity of nature lurking just beyond the gates?  Take a look below and judge for yourself.


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