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Left-Wing News Site Gets Roasted for Absurd Claim Buy an AR-15 is ‘Easy as Ordering Groceries Online’

The following article, Left-Wing News Site Gets Roasted for Absurd Claim Buy an AR-15 is ‘Easy as Ordering Groceries Online’, was first published on .

A let-wing site that fancies itself a news site was roasted Friday for a lie-filled story in which they claimed to prove it was as easy to buy an AR-15 online as it is to “order groceries.”

Naturally, they left a whole lot of facts out because the truth made their premise to be a complete lie.

The editor-in-chief of so-called news outlet Quartz.com, Zach Seward, tried to float the claim that buy an AR-15 is as easy as going on line, making a few clicks, and *voila,* you have a new “assault weapon.”

Seward posted a Twitter thread claim to show his leftist buddies that guying a dangerous weapon of war is easy as one-two-three in gun-soaked America.

In the “story” that the tweet links to,Seward claimed that all it takes to buy an AR-15 is “five clicks.”

Here is what he claimed:

After Tuesday’s school shooting in Uvalde, Texas left 19 children and two adults dead, we wondered how difficult it was to order a DDM4V7, one of the two rifles the gunman bought a few days after turning 18 years old, according to reports.

The answer: Five clicks.

The AR-15-style weapon, made by Georgia-based Daniel Defense, sells online for $1,870, plus tax. Shipping to a local gun shop is free.

After clicking “place order” we received an email confirming the purchase, promising to send a tracking number once the gun was on its way to the pickup point.

At no time were we asked for proof of age or of a clean criminal record, both of which are legally required to buy a firearm.

“Aside from that, it was a routine purchase, not unlike ordering a Lego set from Amazon or a pair of shoes from Zappos. Except, of course, for the lethality of the product,” the story said.

What Seward didn’t bother to tell his readers is that this is not all there is to buying a gun online in the U.S.A.

In other words, his story is built on a lie.

That is because, after your “five clicks,” you have a universal series of actions to take before getting you gun.

  • First, you then have to have the gun sent to a nearby gun dealer. You can’t have it sent to your house “like groceries.”
  • Then you have to go to the dealer and present your ID at the gun dealer.
  • Then the gun dealer has to submit an FBI background check.
  • Then you have to satisfy any local laws.

And ALL that before taking possession of your gun. And it has to be done in every state.

And only American citizens can do this, too. Foreigners and illegals are not allowed to buy a gun this way in the U.S.

So, in other words, it isn’t “just like” buying groceries.

This liar was quickly ratioed online:

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