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USA Begins Planning to Send Troops to Kyiv

The following article, USA Begins Planning to Send Troops to Kyiv, was first published on Flag And Cross.

For weeks now, the world has been forced to sit back and watch the atrocities occurring in Ukraine with little to no recourse.  This was due largely to Vladimir Putin’s continued threats of a nuclear strike against anyone who might decide to interfere directly, including the United States, NATO, or other western powers.

Furthermore, US President Joe Biden has been clear:  There is no desire to have American troops squaring off with Russians directly, at the risk of conjuring World War III.

Yet still it appears as though some US troops will be making the journey to Ukraine…at least in a very limited manner.

Plans to send U.S. forces back into Ukraine to guard the recently reopened American Embassy in Kyiv are “underway at a relatively low level,” Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Monday.

The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that officials are mulling plans to send special forces to Kyiv to guard the U.S. Embassy. The effort is a delicate one, as it requires balancing the safety of American diplomats while avoiding what Russia could see as an escalation.

“Some of the things that may have been out there in the media, those are planning efforts that are underway at a relatively low level,” Milley told reporters at the Pentagon, seeming to refer to the Journal’s report.

There was no definitive timeline for the move.

Such plans “have not yet made it to [Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin] or myself for that matter, for refinement of courses of action and what’s needed,” he noted.

Milley would go on to suggest that any such move would require the approval of the President himself.

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