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House Dem Witness: Yes, Men Can Become Pregnant, Have Abortions

The following article, House Dem Witness: Yes, Men Can Become Pregnant, Have Abortions, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, at a hearing titled ” Revoking Your Rights,” on Wednesday, Aimee Arrambide — the executive director of the abortion rights nonprofit Avow Texas — told a Republican lawmaker she believes men can become pregnant and have abortions.

North Carolina GOP Rep. Dan Bishop asked Arrambide, “What do you say a woman is?”

“I believe that everyone can identify for themselves,” Arrambide replied.

Next Bishop asked her, “Do you believe that men can become pregnant and have abortions?”


Arrambide distinguished herself again when Louisiana Republican Rep. Mike Johnson asked her what the difference was between a baby just before birth and a two-year-old.

After establishing that she supports abortion at any stage of pregnancy, Johnson asked, “If it is not lawful and morally acceptable to take the life of a ten-year-old child, I assume you agree with that, right — that would be wrong, correct?”

“And a two-year-old child, the same thing, that would be murder. We would all agree that’s wrong. Then what is the principal distinction between the human being that is two years old, or nine months old, or one week old, or an hour old and one that is eight inches further up the birth canal in the utero? What is the difference? Why is it okay in the latter case and not in the former cases?”

The activist paused for a couple of seconds and then responded, “I trust people to determine what to do with their own bodies.”

“Wow,” Johnson said.

Arrambide smirked and added, “Full stop.”

The problem is that this woman’s responses — ludicrous as they are — are now considered reasonable within the Democratic Party. The definition of a woman is anything you want it to be. Men can get pregnant, and abortion is okay at any stage of pregnancy — up to the moment of birth or even after, if the doctor and mother agree it’s the right thing to do.

Arrambide’s dumbfounding testimony demands that every Democratic candidate this fall — whether they’re running for dog catcher or a seat in the U.S. Senate — be asked the following three questions, which will force them to choose between common sense and progressive orthodoxy.

  1. What is a woman?
  2. Can men become pregnant?
  3. Do you believe there should be any restrictions on abortion?

Their answers will tell us all we need to know.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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