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Trump Is Practically Unbeaten in 2022 Endorsements — 81 Wins, 3 Losses, I To Be Determined

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Former President Donald Trump’s list of endorsed candidates who went on to win their primaries is incredibly impressive. With 81 wins! And only three losses and one still to be determined (Dr. Oz in Penn.), Trump’s win list is incredible.

Tuesday night this week was yet another massive win for Donald J. Trump, folks.

I don’t think anyone has a better record for the number of candidates he openly backed.

Now, according to the latest out of Pennsylvania, it’ll take a miracle for Dr. Oz to pull out a win in his primary for the U.S. Senate in Penn., so he will likely add to Trump’s loss column. But, still the achievement is impressive. Personally, I mark O as a loss at this point. But his race has not been officially called.

So far this is Trump’s loss column:

Charles Herbster (Gov. candidate for Nebraska)
Janice K. McGeachin (Gov. candidate for Idaho)
Madison Cawthorn (House of Reps. for North Carolina)
Dr. Mehmet Oz (U.S. Senate for Pennsylvania)

And Now for the Wins:

May 17: Idaho, Kentucky, Oregon, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania (23-2-1 TBD)

Idaho-Senate: Crapo, Mike
Idaho-01: Fulcher, Russ

Kentucky-Senate: Paul, Rand
Kentucky-01: Comer, James
Kentucky-02: Guthrie, Brett
Kentucky-04: Massie, Thomas
Kentucky-05: Rogers, Hal
Kentucky-06: Barr, Andy

North Carolina-Senate: Budd, Ted
North Carolina-03: Murphy, Greg
North Carolina-05: Foxx, Virginia
North Carolina-07: Rouzer, David
North Carolina-08: Bishop, Dan
North Carolina-09: Hudson, Richard
North Carolina-10: McHenry, Patrick
North Carolina-13: Hines, Bo

Pennsylvania-Governor: Mastriano, Doug
Pennsylvania-08: Bognet, Jim
Pennsylvania-10: Perry, Scott
Pennsylvania-11: Smucker, Lloyd
Pennsylvania-13: Joyce, John
Pennsylvania-14: Reschenthaler, Guy
Pennsylvania-16: Kelly, Mike

May 10: Nebraska, West Virginia (3-1)

Nebraska-03: Smith, Adrian

West Virginia-01: Miller, Carol
West Virginia-02: Mooney, Alex

May 3: Indiana, Ohio (22-0)

Indiana-02: Walorski, Jackie
Indiana-03: Banks, Jim
Indiana-04: Baird, Jim
Indiana-05: Spartz, Victoria
Indiana-06: Pence, Greg
Indiana-08: Bucshon, Larry

Ohio-Senate: Vance, J.D.
Ohio-Secretary of State: LaRose, Frank
Ohio-Attorney General: Yost, Dave
Ohio-Treasurer: Sprague, Robert
Ohio-Auditor: Faber, Keith
Ohio-01: Chabot, Steve
Ohio-02: Wenstrup, Brad
Ohio-04: Jordan, Jim
Ohio-05: Latta, Bob
Ohio-06: Johnson, Bill
Ohio-07: Miller, Max
Ohio-08: Davidson, Warren
Ohio-10: Turner, Mike
Ohio-12: Balderson, Troy
Ohio-13: Gilbert, Madison Gesiotto
Ohio-15: Carey, Mike

March 1: Texas (33-0)

Texas-Governor: Abbott, Greg
Texas-Lieutenant Governor: Patrick, Dan
Texas-Attorney General: Paxton, Ken*
Texas-Agriculture Commissioner: Miller, Sid
Texas-Comptroller: Hegar, Glenn
Texas-Land Commissioner: Buckingham, Dawn*
Texas-04: Fallon, Pat
Texas-05: Gooden, Lance
Texas-06: Ellzey, Jake
Texas-10: McCaul, Michael
Texas-11: Pfluger, August
Texas-12: Granger, Kay
Texas-13: Jackson, Ronny
Texas-14: Weber, Randy
Texas-15: De La Cruz, Monica
Texas-19: Arrington, Jodey
Texas-22: Nehls, Troy
Texas-24: Van Duyne, Beth
Texas-25: Williams, Roger
Texas-26: Burgess, Michael
Texas-27: Cloud, Michael
Texas-31: Carter, John
Texas-36: Babin, Brian
Texas-38: Hunt, Wesley
Texas-SD-08: Paxton, Angela
Texas-SD-11: Middleton, Mayes
Texas-SD-24: Flores, Pete*
Texas-SD-31: Sparks, Kevin
Texas-HD-15: Toth, Steve
Texas-HD-31: Guillen, Ryan*
Texas-HD-61: Frazier, Frederick
Texas-Tarrant Co.-Judge: O’Hare, Tim
Texas-Tarrant Co.-District Attorney: Sorrells, Phil*

*Hasn’t won outright, headed for a runoff

Wow. Just wow.

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