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Putin Repositions Nukes in Clear Threat to Europe

The following article, Putin Repositions Nukes in Clear Threat to Europe, was first published on Flag And Cross.

As his army continues to display their unwitting incompetence in Ukraine, Russia President Vladimir Putin is running out of options.

He is rumored to have originally planned to see Kyiv crumble within 72 hours of Russian tanks rolling across the border.  Instead, it’s been nearly 100 days of nonstop failure for Russia.  Munitions are running so low that they’re using precision guided missiles targets unworthy of their design, and morale is so low that Russian troops are shooting themselves in the legs to go home.

Worse still, Putin’s fears of enrichment by NATO just came true with Finland being fast-tracked into membership…and it’s undeniably all his fault.

And so what does a trapped-like-a-rat despot do?  He does the most phallic and pedantic thing possible:  Play with his nukes.

RUSSIA has started deploying nuclear missiles toward its border with Finland in wake of the nation’s bold NATO bid.

Menacing mobile Iskander missiles were spotted being transported towards the dividing line as desperate Putin throws a troubling tantrum.

Putin has had nukes on the brain for a while now:

Moscow has made it clear they will suffer the consequences of joining NATO, boasting they could wipe out Finland in “ten seconds”.

Putin parroted the veiled hypersonic missile threats in a tense phone call with Finland – and now appears to be putting his money where his mouth is.

There are credible reports that Vladimir Putin may be dying of terminal bowel cancer, which has imbued the entire international situation with a grim fatalism surrounding his potential use of nuclear weapons on his way to kicking the bucket.

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