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A Showdown Between Trump and Pence is Coming to Georgia

The following article, A Showdown Between Trump and Pence is Coming to Georgia, was first published on Flag And Cross.

With all of the 2024 speculation that we’ve heard thus far, the nation is clinging to just about any clue that they can get this early in the imminent race.

Things are fraught for both parties as well.  The Democrats have to deal with an incredibly unpopular President who appears hellbent on running again despite his horrid approval ratings, and over the the GOP side there’s the great, big question about Donald Trump, whose presence in the race is all but assured, but who some moderate Republicans fear is unelectable.

But, then again, who is truly able to challenge Trump?  The Don is an incredibly popular figure who will, without any doubt, bring voters to the booths, so any challenger will need to have a fairly large national presence already.

Rumors have been swirling about a potential run from Trump’s own VP Mike Pence, and a looming showdown in the Peach State could give us our first glimpse into just what a Trump-Pence showdown could look like.

As he works to fend off a Republican Party primary challenge from Trump-backed former Sen. David Perdue, conservative Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp will get some last-minute help from a very high-profile surrogate.

Former Vice President Mike Pence will join Kemp on the campaign trail on the eve of Georgia’s May 24 primary, the Kemp campaign will announce on Friday. Word of Pence’s trip to the Peach State to team up with the governor was shared first on Friday morning with Fox News and two other news organizations.

The former Vice President’s people were well-acquainted with the Kemp campaign already.

Pence, a former Indiana governor before serving as vice president under former President Donald Trump, has been crisscrossing the country the past 15 months, helping to support and raise money for fellow Republicans running in the 2021 and 2022 elections. Members of the former vice president’s political team have been assisting the Kemp re-election team in recent months and top Pence aide and adviser Marc Short came on board a week and a half ago as a senior adviser to the governor’s campaign.

Perhaps the more interesting calculus here has to do with the 2024 election, given that Georgia is now a veritable swing state.

Should the Pence-backed Kemp win the Georgia governor’s race, the former Vice President will be able to take that to Republican voters in the 2024 primaries and suggest that he is the only member of the field who can turn the Peach State red again.

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