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US Intel Chief say Putin Will Go Nuclear if Russia Fails Invasion


The following article, US Intel Chief say Putin Will Go Nuclear if Russia Fails Invasion, was first published on Flag And Cross.

There is an awful, sinking feeling around the world right now, as the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to pick at the raw nerve of the global community.

There are fears, and serious ones, about the possibility that Vladimir Putin could unleash a nuclear weapon in this war – which would be the first to be used against human beings since 1945.  Russia’s military doctrine allows for their use, however, should there be a reasonable concern that Russia herself was in danger.

And, should Ukraine  beat Russia back to their borders, some experts believe that Putin will spin this defeat to meet those thresholds.

Vladimir Putin could view the prospect of defeat in Ukraine as an existential threat to his regime, potentially triggering his resort to using a nuclear weapon, the top US intelligence official has warned.

The warning on Tuesday came in an assessment from intelligence chiefs briefing the Senate on worldwide threats. The prediction for Ukraine was a long, gruelling war of attrition, which could lead to increasingly volatile acts of escalation from Putin, including full mobilisation, the imposition of martial law, and – if the Russian leader felt the war was going against him, endangering his position in Moscow – even the use of a nuclear warhead.

The grim forecast came on a day of continued fighting in the east and south of Ukraine, and Russian missile attacks on the port of Odesa, with the UN conceding that the civilian death toll from the war will probably be far higher than the current official estimate of 3,381.

Complicating that calculus here is the increasingly obvious illness of Putin, who was reported to be suffering from terminal bowel cancer some months ago, and who this week appeared frail and bloated at Russia’s Victory Day celebrations.

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