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New York Judge Offers Trump $110K ‘Deal’ in Contempt Case

The following article, New York Judge Offers Trump $110K ‘Deal’ in Contempt Case, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The moment that Donald Trump was out of the White House, his long-lost enemies began to surface once more.

Those who’d been waiting for Trump to resume pseudo-civilian status were frothing at the mouth, in all honesty, knowing that this would be their one chance to saddle the former Commander in Chief with whatever strange and possibly frivolous litigation that they could.

In the case of one investigation into The Trump Organization, one judge even went so far as to suggest that the literal inability to locate documents for the case was now “contempt of court”, (despite the impossibility the issue presented).  That judge then began fining Donald Trump $10,000 per day for each day that these nonexistent documents were not produced.

Now, in what appears to be an attempt as some sort of compromise, a new deal has been proffered to the former President.

A New York judge said Wednesday that he would lift a contempt of court finding against former President Donald Trump by next week if Trump’s legal team provides more information about a search for documents sought by the state Attorney General and pays a $110,000 fine.

If those conditions are not met by May 20, Judge Arthur Engoron said he would reinstate a $10,000 per-day fine against Trump for being in contempt for having failed to comply with a subpoena issued by Attorney General Letitia James.

Trump and his lawyers have said they cannot locate documents sought by James as part of her civil investigation of the Trump Organization and its valuation of several real estate assets.

Engoron has simply chosen to not believe the organization, making this further action arbitrary at best.

The new stipulations weren’t exactly minor, either.

On Wednesday, Engoron said that order is lifted if Trump’s legal team submits additional affidavits with more details about the searches for the documents, and the document retention and destruction policies of the Trump Organization by May 20.

Engoron also said that a review of Trump documents by the digital forensics company HaystackID would need to be completed and that Trump would have to pay accrued fines through last Friday of $110,000 to the attorney general’s office by the May 20 deadline.

Attorneys in New York appear to be confused as to whether or not an indictment of Trump is even on the table – a reality that adds another air of absolute absurdity to this entire mess.

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