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Elon Musk’s ‘Death’ Tweet Spooks Fans After Russian Threat

The following article, Elon Musk’s ‘Death’ Tweet Spooks Fans After Russian Threat, was first published on Flag And Cross.

It certainly does feel like Elon Musk has his hands in everything these days, from electric cars to flamethrowers, and from satellites to social media, the eccentric billionaire appears to be forging entire chapters in high school history books about himself these days.

But not everyone is a fan, of course.  The liberal left, for example, fears that Musk’s free-speech-first approach to his ownership of Twitter will give equal rights to conservative voices on the platform – something that hasn’t really been true in years.

And then there’s Russia, who is now threatening Musk for providing Starlink satellites to Ukraine.

“The word ‘Nazi’ doesn’t mean what he seems to think it does,” Musk said and attached what appears to be a translation from a Russian media outlet.

“From the testimony of the captured commander of the 36th Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Colonel Dmitry Kormyankov, it turns out that the internet terminals of Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite company were delivered to the militants of the Nazi Azov Battalion and the Ukrainian Marines in Mariupol by military helicopters,” Musk’s post reads.

“According to our information, the delivery of the Starlink equipment was carried out by the Pentagon.”

“Elon Musk, thus, is involved in supplying the fascist forces in Ukraine with military communication equipment. And for this, Elon, you will be held accountable like an adult – no matter how much you’ll play the fool,” it continued.

This prompted a cryptic and alarming tweet from Musk himself:

Musk took to Twitter and said, “If I die under mysterious circumstances, it’s been nice knowin ya.”

The tweet prompted a number of responses, unsurprisingly, with many reminiscing about the deaths of John McAfee and Jeffrey Epstein.

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