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Putin Puffs Up Again with Nuclear, Chemical Attack Practice

The following article, Putin Puffs Up Again with Nuclear, Chemical Attack Practice, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Vladimir Putin is growing desperate, and it’s rather plain to see.

His armies have found themselves to be inadequate in Ukraine, obliterating the perception that Russia had one of the more fearsome fighting forces on the planet.  Not only is this embarrassing for the Kremlin, but it also exposes a grand weakness that the world never thought to test previously.

This, in turn, has forced Putin into a corner, where he has been lashing out like a rat in a trap – hissing, seething, and threatening the world with all manner of things.

His latest attempts at deterring the world’s ridicule comes to us a terrifying military test.

Moscow confirmed its troops ran simulated nuclear missile strikes in the western enclave of Kaliningrad on Wednesday amid heightening tensions over the war in Ukraine.

The announcement came on the 70th day of Mad Vlad’s blundering invasion of Ukraine which has seen thousands killed and more than 13 million displaced in the worst refugee crisis in Europe since World War Two.

Ailing Putin has made outright threats to nuke NATO if it continues to arm Ukraine.

There was no mistaking the intent.

During Wednesday’s war games in the enclave wedged EU member states Poland and Lithuania, Russia practised simulated “electronic launches” of nuclear-capable Iskander mobile ballistic missile systems, the defence ministry said in a statement.

They also boasted about conducting multiple strikes on mock missile systems, airfields, protected infrastructure, military equipment and command posts, the statement said.

Furthermore, Russian troops rehearsed their radiation and chemical attack protocols, leaving many to wonder if Putin is preparing to commit more than one ungodly offense in Ukraine in the coming days.

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