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Lawsuit Says Laundrie Parents Knew Whereabouts of Petito’s Body

The following article, Lawsuit Says Laundrie Parents Knew Whereabouts of Petito’s Body, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Eight months ago, our national attention was glued to a scandalous tale involving Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito, an engaged couple whose cross-country road trip ended in tragedy.

Laundrie returned home from the trip without Gabby, which immediately raised suspicions among the missing girl’s family.  What’s more, neither Brian Laundrie nor his parents, (with whom Brian was staying), would speak to police about Petito’s disappearance.  By the time Petito’s body was found in a park in Wyoming, Brian had himself gone missing, presumably into a dense nature preserve near his parents’ home.

Laundrie’s partial remains would be discovered weeks later, with the young man having taken his own life, leavening behind a notebook that detailed his involvement in Petito’s death.

Now, a lawsuit brought by the Petito family has been amended to include a bold claim:  That Brian Laundrie’s parents were aware of Petito’s death and the location of her body but refused to act.

New details have surfaced in the lawsuit filed by the parents of Gabby Petito. CBS Miami reports the Petitos amended their lawsuit, alleging that during the search for Gabby, Brian Laundrie’s parents knew their son had killed her and knew “the whereabouts of the body.”

Petito disappeared while on a cross-country trip with her fiancé, Laundrie, last August. Laundrie returned to Florida alone.

Petito’s body was found in Wyoming in September, a little more than a week after her family reported her missing. A coroner ruled she died from blunt force trauma to the head and neck and strangulation.

A massive online sleuthing movement was spawned by the case, with a great many of those involved suggesting that the Laundries must have known more than they were letting on.  This led to some rather uncouth incidents at the Laundrie family home, including fistfights and arguments with neighbors.

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