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Anti-Trump New York Grand Jury Now Ending with NO Indictments, as Case Implodes

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Another attempt by a corrupt, left-wing, and biased state attorney is ending in farce as the latest attack on the president in New York collapses without recommending any charges.

The fishing expedition into Trump’s New York businesses brought by corrupt Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance that convened last year is closing out this week without handing down any charges against the president, his family, his partners or his companies.

According to the Washington Post, the Grand Jury will sunset and current Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg will not move forward on any prosecution.

Bragg tried to claim that the investigation is still ongoing, but that is likely just a face-saving claim to make it look like he is still working on the thing instead of just dropping the whole matter after wasting a year and millions of dollars in tax dollars.

The paper added that it looks like it is a “criminal investigation that appears to be fizzling out.”

The attack on Trump was mostly just a political attack meant to weaken Trump in as many was as possible. After all, the statute of limitations for business improprieties is five years in New York City and most of the things Vance tried to look into had occurred before Trump became president in 2016.

This “Grand Jury” was never a serious effort in the first place. It was a smear tactic, not an investigation into wrongdoing.

Corrupt leftists are still fishing, though.

Last week, a lawyer from her office said a lawsuit could be filed in that case soon. Last week a judge held Trump in contempt for failing to provide NY Attorney General Letitia James’ (D) office with business records – fining him $10,000 per day until he complies. Trump’s attorneys are appealing the order, as well as another one from New York Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron which require Trump and two of his adult children to be deposed by James’ team.

Trump is disputing the claims, granted.

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