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Spotify Shows How Hilariously Useless the Left’s ‘Boycott’ of Joe Rogan Was

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You may recall that one of the left’s cause du jours last year was an effort to get Joe Rogan tossed off Spotify? Well, the service just released the numbers to show that the boycott was a spectacular failure.

Indeed, after Spotify refused to cancel Rogan, the left enlarged its boycott to Spotify itself, and attempted to cancel the whole service.

… and what a joke that effort was, apparently.

You’ll likely recall that some of the left’s “heavy hitters” brought their immense power to the cause to destroy Rogan and Spotify. Whackadoodle leftists including Joni Mitchell and Neil Young leapt to the cause.

So, how did the effort to cancel Spotify go for these eminent libs?

I am laughing as I type this….

Spotify now reports that it GREW during the boycott period.

Per The Blaze:

The company said paid memberships grew to 182 million from 180 million the previous quarter, which amounted to a 15% year-over-year increase. Monthly active users, meanwhile, rose to 422 million from 406 million in the fourth quarter of 2021, which amounted to a 19% increase in active users. Total revenue also increased year-over-year by 24%.

Spotify’s metrics actually would have been even better had the company not withdrawn from the Russian market, which cut approximately 1.5 million users from the service.

“Excluding the impact of our exit from Russia, subscriber growth exceeded expectations,” the company told shareholders.

Now, THAT is hilarious.

As to Rogan, his subscription rates also soared during that time.

These leftists are crashing bores, granted, but according to this, they are also crashing failures.

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