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Twitter Roasts Russia After Kremlin Threatens Finland and Sweden

The following article, Twitter Roasts Russia After Kremlin Threatens Finland and Sweden, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Russia’s botched invasion of Ukraine has no doubt shuffled the international order of things, particularly when it comes to ranking nations in terms of the fear that they can conjure when waving their military around.

The world used to be abjectly terrified of Russia.  Their leader, Vladimir Putin, was once considered one of the world’s most astutely conniving diplomats, who would rather be caught dead than make any sort of international faux pas.  His military was supposed to be one of the most powerful and advanced in the world, too, bested by none save the United States’ awe-inspiring force.

As it turns out, the whole thing was simply a ruse, and Russia’s abject failure in Ukraine proves it.

That’s why a recent threat made against other European nations by the Kremlin is prompting guffaws on Twitter.

Russia has warned Finland and Sweden against joining Nato, arguing the move would not bring stability to Europe.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that “the alliance remains a tool geared towards confrontation”.

It comes as US defence officials said Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine has been a “massive strategic blunder” which is likely to bring Nato enlargement.

US officials expect the Nordic neighbours to bid for membership of the alliance, potentially as early as June.

This had Twitter rolling.

Perhaps the emperor has had no clothes all along…

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seppo saari

Living and retired in Finland is not a friendly thing to do joining NATO when Russia’s bombers penetrated through Finnish air space and was intercepted by Swedish Air Force last month. NATO is playing the game of RISK with a nuclear powered country that no one wins. Don’t care for Putin but who else is good enough for Russia and the world? At this time peace can be accomplished, if not GOD help us. Please Finland and Sweden think of the world and mankind.

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