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Kamala Harris Staff Shrinks Again as Key Aide Resigns

The following article, Kamala Harris Staff Shrinks Again as Key Aide Resigns, was first published on Flag And Cross.

As we approach the 2022 midterm elections, the Democrats appear to be growing desperate.

The state of affairs for the entire party have been rather turbulent disarray, and in a very public way as well.  Most of the trouble, it seems, is coming from the Executive Branch, where President Joe Biden’s approval rating has been underwater for a vast majority of his time in office.

To make matters worse, Vice President Kamala Harris is shedding staffers left and right, with more of this egregious exodus occurring this week.

The string of staff members in Vice President Kamala Harris’ office grows longer, as deputy chief of staff Michael Fuchs is now leaving the Biden administration, Fox News has confirmed.

First reported by Reuters, Fuchs’ departure was announced in an internal memo on Monday.

“It’s been the honor of a lifetime to serve in this administration, working for the Vice President and President on behalf of the American people,” Fuchs wrote in an email to fellow staffers. “Fifteen months later, it’s almost difficult to recall the magnitude of the challenges we faced when we came in, from an unprecedented pandemic to historically difficult economic circumstances. And it is thanks to the work of this administration – and all of you – that our country has had such success in tackling these challenges and turning things around.”

These staff shakeups have been a routine feature of the Harris administration, and it has led many Democrats to wonder if their party can survive the coming elections at all, let alone with their barely-there majority in the House and Senate.

Fuchs will be leaving in May.

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