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House to Pass Major New Cannabis Legislation Friday

The following article, House to Pass Major New Cannabis Legislation Friday, was first published on Flag And Cross.

America could very well be on the precipice of a pot-inspired prosperity the likes of which our nation has never seen.

While a majority of our states have decriminalized the use of marijuana in one way or another, the federal statutes that have been used to guide our national drug policy still see the plant as a scheduled substance, making it a risky business venture for many.  Federal legalization, (or decriminalization), could help to alleviate those concerns and spur a national boom in the bud industry.

The House of Representatives will be taking a step in that direction this week.

The House is set to pass legislation on Friday to legalize marijuana nationwide, an effort that has unprecedented levels of support in both chambers of Congress.

The bill is likely to pass the lower chamber largely along party lines, with most Republicans expected to oppose it.

Proponents argue that legalizing marijuana at the federal level will simply reflect most states’ existing policies that allow it in some form.

They also frame the effort as a way to end the disproportionate punishment of racial minorities and people in low-income communities for possessing and using weed.

And the nation is ready:

And with an overwhelming majority of Americans — as much as 91 percent in a Pew Research Poll last year — backing marijuana legalization for at least medical purposes, Democrats believe it’s a winning issue for them ahead of November’s midterms.

Given the ease with which marijuana can be grown, and the United States’ vast agricultural infrastructure, there is little doubt that a cash crop of this magnitude could make a significant impact on the overall health of our economy, and in a very sustainable manner.

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