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Global Beer Giants Pull Out of Russia

The following article, Global Beer Giants Pull Out of Russia, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The fallout from the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues this week as a number of enormous global companies pull out of the embattled eastern superpower.

The Russian invasion has been alarmingly belligerent, with Vladimir Putin’s soldiers indiscriminately killing women and children, targeting hospitals and shelters, and forcibly deporting hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to “filtration camps” in Russia.

The abhorrent acts have Heineken and Carlsberg pulling their products out of the country.

European brewers Heineken and Carlsberg said Monday they will exit the Russian market following reviews of their operations triggered by the invasion of Ukraine.

Denmark’s Carlsberg, which has 8,400 employees in Russia, said it was seeking a “full disposal” of its business but would maintain operations at a reduced level “to sustain the livelihoods of these employees and their families” until the sale was complete.

“The war in Ukraine, and the escalating humanitarian and refugee crisis, shocks us all. We continue to strongly condemn the Russian invasion, which has led to so much loss of life, devastation and human tragedy,” Carlsberg CEO Cees ‘t Hart said in a statement.

Heineken had a similar sentiment.

Heineken (HEINY) had already halted new investments and exports to Russia and had stopped the sale, production and advertising of its Heineken brand beer in the country.

“We are shocked and deeply saddened to watch the war in Ukraine continue to unfold and intensify,” the Dutch brewer said in a statement.

The mass corporate exodus from Russia has been ongoing for weeks now, as the Kremlin’s seemingly non-existent code of conduct in Ukraine has triggered formal accusations of war crimes from western powers…including the United States.

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