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Gay Disney Employee Protest Ended Up Being a Huge Flop

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Disney’s LGBTQxp#8iabCGI employees have been threatening protests against the Mouse House for months over Florida’s education bill. But now that if finally happened, it turned out to be a bust.

On Friday, only ONE Disney employee turned up to protest the entertainment giant outside its Florida theme park, while only a small group of 70 protested outside its California resort.

These hardcore, radical, left-wing employees attacked Disney because the company did not immediately attack the Florida state legislature for debating its Parental Notification in Education bill that the lying left mischacterizes as the “don’t say gay bill.”

The gay groups inside of Disney have been threatening CEO Bob Chapek and the company leadership for not being proactive against the education bill that is highly popular among Florida voters. And walkouts were planned.

Per Just the News:

An all-day walkout was planned for Tuesday by Disney’s “LGBTQIA+ community and their allies,” but only one Disney employee could be found protesting outside of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fla., according to WESH 2, a local NBC affiliate.

The employee, Nicholas Moldonado, was not scheduled to work on Tuesday and didn’t know how many other employees planned on participating, the news outlet reported. The organizers noted on their website that the full-day walkout was “not a legally protected action.”

The walkout took on a few different forms, according to organizers, such as people simply staying home from work, working remotely, calling out sick, and putting an “away” message on their email explaining their support for the walkout, WESH 2 reported.

Although unable to enter the Disney resort or the company’s corporate offices to see how many employees walked out on the job, the outlet reported that it appeared park operations were unaffected by the walkout.

The left has been lying about Florida’s bill since the beginning. They claim it forces schools not to “say gay.” This is false. Indeed, the word “gay” does not even appear in the bill. Nor does any other sexual identity. Also, the bill only prevents schools from exposing kids under ten to radical sexual ideologies. It doesn’t “target” any “community,” as the liars on the left continue to bray about.

Despite the left’s attacks on the bill, it is widely popular among Florida voters. Indeed, even Democrat voters favor the bill.

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