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Woke Illinois ‘Education’ Police is to Teach 8-Yr-Olds How to Masturbate

The following article, Woke Illinois ‘Education’ Police is to Teach 8-Yr-Olds How to Masturbate, was first published on .

Left-wing Illinois is once again moving to radicalize children with its faux “education” policy, this time by teaching 8-year-olds how to masturbate in school.

Remember when governments claimed that educating kids and teaching them reading, writing, and arithmetic was important? That was all so yesterday. Now they are being taught radical, woke, anti-American ideologies instead of things useful to their well-being and growth.

Folks, don’t think this dangerous lunacy is only happening in deep blue Illinois, or California and New York, either. This stuff is happening in every singles government school in America.

Illinois is only the latest to change its “education standards” (of which they are neither education, not standard) to push polices to groom children for gays and transgenders.

Senate Bill 818, which morbidly obese Illinois Democrat Gov. JB Pritzker signed into law last year is, Pritzker said, a “reform” the state’s sex education standards to “help keep our children safe and ensure important lessons like consent and internet safety are taught in classrooms.”

But it won’t do any of that, and it isn’t supposed to. Instead, what it does is push the youngest of children to “learn” that dangerous gay sex practices are normal for little children to engage in.

These so-called “standards” tell kids to become transgender and not to tell their parents about it. They teach little kids to masturbate. and they urge kids to explore homosexuality. And these “standards” are aimed at K thru 12 kids… so EVERY Illinois kid, not just those nearing adulthood.

Democrats have a purpose with these dangerous policies, folks. They want to breakdown any resistance kids might have to radical sexual practices so that when they meet predators they will more easily succumb.

The reason Democrats want to do this is to cleave kids away from the family unit and to place them in thrall to the state. They want the innocence of children destroyed so that they can be molded into good government robots.

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