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Judge Blocks Biden’s ‘Sanctuary County’ Rules that Shields Illegals from Deportation

The following article, Judge Blocks Biden’s ‘Sanctuary County’ Rules that Shields Illegals from Deportation, was first published on .

A district judge has blocked Joe Biden’s “sanctuary country” rules that shields illegals from deportation, rules that have protected millions of illegals since Biden took office.

District Judge Michael J. Newman, a Trump appointee, issued apreliminary injunction against Biden’s orders that stop Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents from deporting illegals. Biden’s policy has been in place since September of last year.

Judge Newman sided with the states of Arizona, Montana, and Ohio that are suing Biden to overturn the rules.

In his ruling, Judge Newman wrote:

But the States have plausibly shown these costs have accrued, and will continue to do so, even if the priority shift generates some offsetting benefit. This financial impact is a “tangible” one. [Emphasis added]

In the District of Arizona litigation over the Interim Guidance, for example, Arizona identified noncitizens with criminal convictions who were placed on state supervision after DHS lifted their detainers under the Interim Guidance. A decrease in detention and removal of criminal aliens will invariably lead to similar results in Montana and Ohio. [Emphasis added]

An aggregate decline in removals will also cause the States to devote more emergency Medicaid and educational resources to noncitizens than they otherwise would have.

Breitbart News added:

Biden’s orders helped gut interior immigration enforcement in Fiscal Year 2022, the latest ICE data reveals. Compared to 2019, arrests of illegal aliens have plummeted by nearly 50 percent, and deportations have dropped by nearly 80 percent.

Unreleased ICE data shows that the Biden administration arrested 48 percent fewer convicted criminal illegal aliens, conducted 63 percent fewer deportations for convicted criminal illegal aliens, and issued 46 percent fewer requests for ICE agents to take custody of criminal illegal aliens in the Fiscal Year 2021.

Biden has been working as fast as possible to erase America’s immigration laws and to institute a full open border. And millions of illegals have flooded our borders as a result.

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