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Wyoming Senate Votes to End Gender Studies Funding for State University

The following article, Wyoming Senate Votes to End Gender Studies Funding for State University, was first published on .

The Wyoming Senate has voted to stop paying for the gender & women’s studies department at Wyoming State University.

The senators that won the vote said that the gender studies program pushes a “biased” worldview and has no academic legitimacy.

“The amendment, brought forward by State Senator Cheri Steinmetz (R), passed 16-14 vote in the Republican-controlled Senate on Feb. 25,” Campus Reform reported.

“I just have to ask you, what are we doing here at the University of Wyoming with these courses?” Sen. Steinmetz asked.

For its part, the school has said it won’t do anything to alter its support of the program until it has no choice.

“We are optimistic the amendment will not be in the final budget approved by the Legislature,” said Chad Baldwin, the school’s associate vice president for marketing and communications.

The senators are right, of course. Gender studies are political claptrap, not education. It is political indoctrination meant to instill hate for men, hate for whites, hate for capitalism, and hate for America into the soft heads of students who are easily led by such extremism.

Gender studies is garbage. Not education.

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RockyMtn 1776
RockyMtn 1776

Not only that, the U of WY has has/had a Diversity Director on the payroll at over $100,000 a year.
The liberal left is fighting hard to make Wyoming one of their Socialist Utopia’s, it is not going well for them but they never give up. Wyoming IS what America WAS , how much longer we can hold on with the number of libs moving in is anyone’s guess.

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