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Scientists Sounds the Alarm on Solar Flare Headed Toward Earth

The following article, Scientists Sounds the Alarm on Solar Flare Headed Toward Earth, was first published on Flag And Cross.

As if the world didn’t have enough problems at the moment, the cosmos are sending us something fresh and fiery to fret about.

World War III is likely raging in Europe, while the coronavirus tries to make it’s third, (or is it fourth), comeback.  Vlad Putin is threatening us all nuclear annihilation, while China continues to work on hypersonic missiles that no one can stop.

And let’s not even get started on the US economy.

But now, on top of all of this mess, we now have a massive solar flare headed our direction that could wreak havoc on our satellites and electronics.

Space weather experts have spotted the sun ejecting a large mass of particles and think this could hit Earth in the next few days.

When ejections like this hit Earth’s magnetic field, they can cause solar storms.

An ejection like this is known as a solar flare called a coronal mass ejection (CME).

A CME is a huge expulsion of plasma from the sun’s outer layer, called the corona.

So when could we see it?

[…]the solar storm predicted for this Wednesday, March 23, is only likely to be a “G1 minor,” meaning you probably won’t even notice it if it happens.

Experts at Spaceweather.com explained: “Another CME is heading for Earth, and it’s a little off target.

“A glancing blow (or near miss) is possible during the late hours of March 23rd, according to NOAA forecasters.

“This will be the 3rd time in the past week that a CME has almost landed a direct hit.

While humans aren’t likely to be personally affected in all that dramatic a fashion, the event could cause confusion among migrating herds of animals and cause fluctuations in the satellite communication grid.

The CME could also provide quite a light show for those in the northern hemispheres, as the Aurora Borealis will be enhanced by the traveling space particles.

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