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Woke Coca-Cola Silent Over Russia, Okay with Chinese Genocide, but Ready to Attack American Conservatives

The following article, Woke Coca-Cola Silent Over Russia, Okay with Chinese Genocide, but Ready to Attack American Conservatives, was first published on .

Last year, Coca-Cola huffed and puffed about evil conservatives in Georgia trying to secure their elections, but the company is uninterested in Russia’s attacks on Ukraine and China’s genocide of the Chinese.

You’ll recall that Coke’s leadership got all up in high dudgeon when the GOP-led state legislature passed new rules to tighten the state’s election laws. Coke claimed — without evidence — that the laws were meant to “suppress” the vote of liberals.

It is a lie, of course. Indeed, in the elections following the enacted laws, the number of minority voters increased. AND two Democrats got elected t the U.S. Senate.

In other words, Coke is full of liars.

But a year later, Coke had refused to say anything as Russia, its business partner, invaded Ukraine. AND it has remained silent on the genocide of its other business partner, China.


As the Washington Examiner noted:

Coca-Cola is eerily silent on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia is one of the company’s most profitable markets, as the soda giant operates out of the country as Swiss-based bottler Coca-Cola HBC. It announced last Tuesday they had contingency plans to cope with the crisis, which included stockpiling ingredients to limit any disruption in their massive Russian market.

Coca-Cola HBC gets approximately 21% of its volume from Russia and Ukraine, where it also has operations. The workers in Ukraine were sent home last week.

Unlike other U.S. companies, such as Harley-Davidson, energy giants BP and Shell, global bank HSBC, Disney, and AerCap that all joined a mounting list of companies exiting Russia — an exodus with real consequences on the Russian people and their economy that helps puts the squeeze on Putin’s relationship with his people — Coke has done nothing at the time of this publication.

They have also not issued any statement condemning Russia’s actions in Ukraine at the time of this publication, nor have they tweeted anything that even remarkably resembles criticism of Russia’s actions going all the way back to before Russia crossed into Ukraine several days ago.

In other words, woke Coke hates Republicans and American voters more than genocidal Chinese killers and mad Russian invaders.

Imagine that.

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Grizz Mann
Grizz Mann

C’mon man! Companies have to appease their political masters. They have their priorities.


I won’t be buying coke

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