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Number of Americans Identifying as Gay Doubles… and It’s Still Only 7.1 Percent

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According to the latest survey, the number of Americans who openly identify as gay has doubled in the last decade, and yet, it is still only 7.1 percent of the population.

If you’d go by popular entertainment, gays are half the population! But the simple fact is, gays are now and always have been a tiny percentage of the population. And the latest numbers show that even as the number has risen, it isn’t even ten percent.

Per The Blaze:

According to data collected across 13 Gallup polls conducted in 2021, 7.1% of U.S. adults identify as LGBT or as something besides heterosexual.

While not all members of Generation Z have arrived at adulthood yet, Gallup reported that among those in Gen Z who were born between 1997 and 2003, a whopping 20.8% identify as LGBT. This contrasts with the 10.5% of Millennials, 4.2% of Generation X, 2.6% of Baby Boomers, and 0.8% of Traditionalists who identify this way.

The numbers clearly show that younger generations identify as LGBT in a significantly higher proportion than older generations.

“Given the large disparities in LGBT identification between younger and older generations of Americans, the proportion of all Americans who identify as LGBT can be expected to grow in the future as younger generations will constitute a larger share of the total U.S. adult population,” Gallup noted.

A majority (56.8%) of the U.S. adults who identify as LGBT say they are bisexual, a figure that equates to 4% of U.S. adults, according to Gallup.

While 20.7% of LGBT U.S. adults say that they are gay, 13.9% identify as lesbian, 10% as transgender, and 4.3% as something else — Gallup noted that the sum of these percentages exceeds 100% because respondents could select more than one category.

It isn’t likely that this means we actually have more gays, though.

What this actually shows is that young people have fallen for the kitsch of “being gay” and are claiming they are gay. Whether these kids who think they are gay will stay that way as they age is probably not likely.

This is a result of the relentless attempts of music, movies, TV and corporate America forcing gayness on our kids every hour of every day. It remains to be seen of this means more people are really gay.

Certainly it’s possible, granted. We will just have to wait and see.

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