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How to Stay Positive in the Face of Change

The following article, How to Stay Positive in the Face of Change, was first published on Flag And Cross.

        Have you noticed? So far, 2022 doesn’t seem much different from 2021. But hold on! In the life of a career professional, nothing stays the same for long. On many days, “change” seems to be the only constant. So ease up when change hits you!  Everyone is in the same boat.

        Here are some strategies for handling the eight varieties of change – personal change, organizational change, institutional change, technical change, social change, cultural change, global change, and “other” change – that be confronting you:

Personal Change

        Recognize that most people only change when levels of fear or pain get too high. Work on one issue at a time. Changing habits requires 21 days. Learn methodically and completely.

 Organizational Change

        Read your organization’s quarterly and annual reports, 10Ks, 10Qs, press releases, shareholder statements, and other information about new developments.

Institutional Change

        Observe who is in power of large institutions. If changes are coming, they are likely to reflect the views of the person at the top, be it the president, CEO, directors, or other top officials.

Technical Change

        Keep pace with what your customers/clients use, and employ the same to communicate and serve them. Embrace, don’t fear new technology. Seek mentors and gurus.           

Social Change

        Switch on the television, surf the web, read USA Today, listen to popular talk show hosts, read articles by widely circulated columnists, and stay observant. Social change is visible.

Cultural Change

        Don’t expend energy here. Cultural change is long run social change, often years or decades in the making. If you simply live through it, you’ll have much of the information you need.

Global Change

        Travel far and wide to gain a first hand look. If this is not practical, read The Economist, speak to foreigners, and listen to international radio broadcasts (often in English).

Other Change

        Surround yourself with alert friends, sharp co-workers, and peers through professional, civic, and social organizations. Networking, listening, and reading will serve you well. 


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