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‘Did a Child Predator Write This?’ LGBT Outlet Runs Story About Ted Cruz’s 13-Year-Old Daughter’s Sexuality

The following article, ‘Did a Child Predator Write This?’ LGBT Outlet Runs Story About Ted Cruz’s 13-Year-Old Daughter’s Sexuality, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Disgust resounded on social media this week as a prominent LGBT outlet published a twisted piece on GOP Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and his daughter’s supposed sexuality.

The child is just 13.

On Monday, LGBTQ Nation ran the headline “Ted Cruz’s teen daughter comes out as bisexual,” which quickly attracted attention from conservatives critical of the jaw-dropping lack of basic human decency.

Cruz’s daughter has reportedly made statements on social media to the effect that she doesn’t agree with her father’s staunchly conservative views and describes herself as bisexual in her TikTok profile.

According to LGBTQ Nation, a commenter asked her if this is something her father knows.

“I haven’t told him yet, I’m kinda nervous tbh but I don’t think he would be mad about it,” she reportedly replied.

The outlet went on to declare that her worries could be “well-founded” — as Cruz, of course, is “one of the most vociferously anti-LGBTQ members of Congress” and “revels in his far-right positions” — before briefly elaborating on just how awful the conservative senator really is.

LGBTQ Nation does not appear to have stopped to consider if they were outing the nervous girl themselves by drawing attention to the fact that she apparently thinks she’s bisexual.

Conservatives were quick to shred the outlet online.

“Did a child predator write this?” asked conservative commentator and mother Dana Loesch. “She’s 13.”

“She’s 13 years old… In other words, she’s a CHILD,” internet personality Isabella Riley said. “Also, let’s not forget the fact that almost every single girl on TikTok comes out as bisexual. This headline is stupid and gross.”

“She’s 13, barely out of her tween years. You despicable perverts,” Sohrab Ahmari of The American Conservative bluntly wrote.

It should be absolutely agreed upon by every member of society that decent adults have no business discussing a 13-year-old’s sexuality aside from parents and, perhaps, medical professionals.

Cruz’s daughter is still a child, as anyone who has been 13 or knows a 13-year-old is forced to admit. There is no more irrational age, and this young teen is hardly the first to rebel against conservative parents.

She is also growing up in an era that glamorizes LGBT sexuality, so how shocked can we really be that she might fancy she’s bisexual?

I shouldn’t have to say any of this, however. The minor child of a prominent politician should be off-limits.

Did LGBTQ Nation go too far?

LGBTQ Nation claimed that she should be concerned since her dad is a vocal supporter of traditional sexual ethics, but didn’t have any issue possibly outing her from a huge public platform. That should tell you everything you need to know.

They are exploiting this kid for clicks, and it couldn’t possibly be sicker.

I don’t care who you are, what you support, who you sleep with, or what your day-to-day lifestyle is — if you are writing about the private life of a 13-year-old girl, you have absolutely crossed a line.

These people should be ashamed of themselves.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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