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Trump Makes New ‘Immunity’ Claim, Stopping J6 Committee in its Tracks

The following article, Trump Makes New ‘Immunity’ Claim, Stopping J6 Committee in its Tracks, was first published on Flag And Cross.

For months on end we have watched the select committee on January 6th turn into a partisan witch hunt, and former President Donald Trump simply isn’t going to have it.

Trump has become the main focus of the committee, despite their earlier insistence that this wouldn’t be the case, and the slew of subpoenas that have been sprayed around Washington DC prove it.  Now, amid claims that the group is attempting to re-try Donald Trump’s second impeachment, the former Commander in Chief is taking a hard stand, and drawing a line in the sand that could take months for the committee to navigate.

Attorneys for former President Donald Trump and his associates argued Monday that incendiary statements by Trump and others last Jan. 6 prior to the Capitol riot were protected speech and in line with their official duties.

In response to civil suits running parallel to Congress’ own Jan. 6 inquiry, Trump’s lawyers claimed he was acting within his official rights and had no intention to spark violence when he called on thousands of supporters to “march to the Capitol” and “fight like hell” to disrupt the Senate’s certification of the 2020 election results.

There was no mistaking the sentiment involved.

“There has never been an example of someone successfully being able to sue a president for something that happened during his term of office,” said Trump lawyer Jesse Binnall. “That absolute immunity of the presidency is very important.”

The committee is already working on borrowed time, as a likely GOP takeover of the legislative branch looms in about a year’s time.

Should Trump be able to drag this legal fight out, (and to ever-higher courts), it could completely befuddle the already-pressed committee.

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