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First ‘Flurona’, Now ‘Deltacron’: COVID’s Crazy Mutations Continue

The following article, First ‘Flurona’, Now ‘Deltacron’: COVID’s Crazy Mutations Continue, was first published on Flag And Cross.

As we find ourselves trudging ever further into this horrific coronavirus pandemic, some of the things that have been thrown our way feel like plot twists from a poorly-reviewed science fiction film, like Sharknado.  You just take two threats, a shark and a tornado, and find the most pleasant-sounding way to smash these two words together.

The same seems to work with COVID now, after 80% of us have been vaccinated, to boot.

Just a few days ago we found ourselves dealing with “Flurona” which, as indicated by the naming scheme described above, is a pairing of the flu and the coronavirus.

Now, a new viral Sharknado has arrived, in the form of “Deltacron”.

The so-called “deltacron” strain pairs omicron genetic signatures with delta variant genomes, says Leondios Kostrikis, a professor of biological sciences at the University of Cyprus, according to CNBC.

While 25 cases of the uniquely recognizable strain have been found, Kostrikis predicted it will not last against the globally dominant omicron variant.

“We will see in the future if this strain is more pathological or more contagious or if it will prevail,” he told Cyprus’ Sigma TV on Friday, according to the report.

The delta variant, which once usurped the alpha coronavirus strain as the most prevalent, now accounts for just under 5% of new cases in the United States.

More testing will likely need to be done in order to definitively understand these results, but by the time it gets sorted we may onto dealing with Coronapox or some other such monster.

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