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New Study Blames ‘Great Replacement’ Theory for Jan. 6th Riot

The following article, New Study Blames ‘Great Replacement’ Theory for Jan. 6th Riot, was first published on Flag And Cross.

In a roundabout way, another academic study is now attempting to blame the January 6th riot on the alleged, innate “white supremacy” of the MAGA Movement, and the nation is seeing right through it.

For years on end, the left has tried to cast Donald Trump and his supporters as supreme bigots, racists, and whatever other sort of cretinous subhuman scum that they can conjure.  They know that pinning such labels on the MAGA Movement is a quick and dirty trick, but they don’t care.  Their goal is not a balanced government of debate and compromise, but a total rejection of conservative values, and so they continue this divisive practice to this very day.

One of the latest attempts at such vitriolic nonsense comes to us in the form of a survey of those involved in the events of January 6th.

The study by the Chicago Project on Security and Threats looked at 716 individuals who have been charged with crimes in the riot. Chief author Robert Pape described the results in ForeignPolicy.com:

Our national survey shows that the No. 1 belief among insurrectionists—shared by fully 75 percent of respondents—is the “great replacement” of the electorate by the Democratic Party and that this idea is also the most important separator of people in the 21 million [riot sympathizers] from the general population.

The “great replacement” is code for white supremacy among liberals, who are attempting to falsely suggest that conservatives are inherently racist toward immigrants.

Of course, we know from the conservative adoration of the Constitution that this is not true.  Our nation’s founding documents speak of all being created equal, and of the freedoms inalienable to every man, woman, and child on this planet.

The left fails to recognize that the issue for conservatives is illegal immigration, not immigration itself, as it creates a lag in our nation’s economic function.


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