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As New Year Dawns, Polling Shows Trump’s Favorability for 2024 Election

The following article, As New Year Dawns, Polling Shows Trump’s Favorability for 2024 Election, was first published on Flag And Cross.

As we enter what is sure to be a politically turbulent year, (with the midterm elections just around the corner), some within the governmental apparatus of America are already beginning to look forward to the next presidential election.

You see, in this digital age, the best laid plans can crumble at the speed of the internet.  By this afternoon, some Congressperson could lose their job over an old tweet, or some unfortunate gaffe could  go viral and ruin someone’s 2022 prospects altogether.

But, despite this flippant fluidity, there has been one constant:  Donald Trump’s absolute dominance of the 2024 polling.

Former President Donald Trump is dominating the Republican Primary in a hypothetical matchup, a Reuters/Ipsos survey found.

They survey asked all respondents, “Thinking about the presidential election in 2024, who would you support as the Republican nominee for president?”

Overall, a majority, 54 percent, of Republicans said they would support Trump. Only one other potential candidate garnered double digit support — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who saw 11 percent support. However, that still leaves him 43 points behind the former president.

And that wasn’t nearly all…

The survey also looked at the favorability of Trump, finding 46 percent at least leaning toward a favorable view, compared to 56 percent who are at least leaning toward having an unfavorable view. However, 82 percent of Republicans have a favorable view of Trump, including 52 percent who say they have a “very” favorable view.

The survey, taken December 13-17, 2021,among 4,406 adults, has a margin of error of +/- 1.7 percent.

The survey yields similar results to a Harvard/Harris survey released last month, which found Trump leading the Republican Primary field by 58 percentage points.

This doesn’t mean that Trump is going to be announcing any campaign rallies anytime soon, however, as jumping back onto the national stage prior to the 2022 midterms only gives the Democrats involved with that election a target to pin their opponents to.

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