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JOE QUITS COVID: POTUS Puts Onus on Governors to End Pandemic

The following article, JOE QUITS COVID: POTUS Puts Onus on Governors to End Pandemic, was first published on Flag And Cross.

If there is one thing that can be said for the Biden presidency, it is how largely ineffectual the whole thing has been. It’s as if Sleepy Joe’s reluctance to run for the office has translated into his job performance in exactly the predictable fashion.  (Okay, enough sarcasm for now).

Biden’s latest failure comes as the COVID pandemic is surging under the strain of the omicron variant, and is one of the most astounding examples of Democratic betrayal in recent memory.

Critics on both ends of the political spectrum went full blast on President Biden’s claim Monday that states are responsible for solving the coronavirus crisis, pointing out Biden’s long history of claiming he would bring the country out of the pandemic.

They also noted Biden’s federal government has moved to impose vaccine mandates and requirements to wear mask while traveling on planes and trains – much to the chagrin of many Republican governors.

Those who recognized this abscess of leadership for what it was weren’t afraid to speak out plainly against it.

Christina Pushaw, press secretary for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, posted a montage of Biden’s statements saying that he would “shut down the virus,” concluding with his statement from Monday.

“What a difference a year makes,” Pushaw commented.

And that wasn’t all.

The GOP also called out Biden for his change in messaging.

“Joe Biden claimed he would shut down the virus. Now a year later when he failed to do so, he says there is no federal solution to COVID. Joe Biden is a hypocrite,” the party said from its official Twitter account.

The move comes as Biden’s approval numbers have fallen to historic lows, particularly among independents, on whom he would likely need to rely in order to win reelection in 2024.

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