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2024 Polling Shows Exactly Where Trump Stands with Voters

The following article, 2024 Polling Shows Exactly Where Trump Stands with Voters, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Among the 2024 speculation that we bear witness to every day, perhaps none is as permeating and prevalent as the possibility of another run for the White House by Donald Trump.

Trump, who came to Washington as a purposeful outsider, elected to completely squash the status quo.  He did just that, and then some, and is now suspected to be considering another shot at the office in a few years’ time.

But is he a welcome candidate, or a man whose very presence in the race conjures concerns among Democrats and traditional conservatives alike?

A new poll has provided us the answer to that question.

President Donald Trump dominates the 2024 Republican primary field among Republican voters, an I&I/TIPP Poll released Monday found.

The poll found that Republicans are much more enthusiastic about Trump’s potential run on the GOP ticket than Democrats are about President Joe Biden.

Overall, 60 percent of Republicans said they want to see Trump run again, compared to 37 percent of Democrats who said the same for Biden. Issues and Insights described Biden’s results as a “devastating sign of Biden’s weakening support within his own party.”

What is more, Trump also sees more support for a potential 2024 run than Biden among independent voters, as 17 percent said they support a potential 2024 Trump run. Biden, however, only garnered eight percent support in this group.

And there was quite a gap between he and the rest of the field.

Among Republicans, specifically, Trump leads potential challengers by 49 percent, garnering 60 percent support. No other potential candidate saw double-digit support aside from Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who came in second with 11 percent support.

Trump’s potential run for the White House has likely remained unannounced on account of the 2022 midterms next year, fearing that any such revelation would allow the Democrats extra ammunition for us in that contest.

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