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Accuser Describes Unsettling Encounter with Maxwell at Epstein’s New Mexico Ranch When She Was Just 16


The following article, Accuser Describes Unsettling Encounter with Maxwell at Epstein’s New Mexico Ranch When She Was Just 16, was first published on Flag And Cross.

The most recent woman to testify against Ghislaine Maxwell, alleged madame to the notorious late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, recounted a disturbing sexual incident between herself and the older woman when she was just 16.

Annie Farmer, the first accuser to use her full name during testimony, says that she met Maxwell and Epstein when she was a teenager in 1996 and felt comfortable traveling to visit them at Epstein’s sprawling and isolated New Mexico ranch because the two were a couple.

Much of the focus of the Epstein scandal and the current ongoing Maxwell trial has been around his activities in Maxwell’s London mansion and his own Manhattan penthouse, Palm Beach mansion and lavish private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

However, his New Mexico ranch is every bit as ostentatious as his more commonly-known properties — and every bit as creepy and well-suited to accommodate shadowy sex abuse and trafficking.

In fact, it was the site where Epstein was said to have planned to mass-impregnate nearly two dozen women at once in some sort of weird eugenic experiment, writer Jaron Lanier told The New York Times in 2019.

While it does not appear that Farmer was a candidate for the financier’s twisted baby harvesting operation, she did claim to have been the subject of abuse at Maxwell’s hands.

A consistent thread throughout the stories of the women who have testified against Maxwell, who is accused of trafficking the girls for Epstein as well as abusing them herself, is an affinity for sexualized massages.

“Kate” and Carolyn both testified that they’d been recruited to give massages, which consistently ended with sex acts, to Epstein when they were teenagers.

Do you believe Maxwell is guilty?

In Kate’s case, she said Maxwell even had her squeeze Epstein’s feet before explicitly requesting she provide him with a massage, which launched a long series of sexual encounters with the financier.

Carolyn, meanwhile, said she saw Epstein as often as three times a week for their “massage” sessions.

During her testimony, Farmer said that Maxwell asked if she could massage the then-teenager during the visit to the New Mexico ranch and things got very intimate.

According to The New York Post, Farmer said that Maxwell specifically requested she strip down in the nude, only to find herself “frozen” after Maxwell flipped her over and began to massage her breasts.

“She pulled the sheet down and exposed my breasts. She started rubbing on my chest and on my upper breasts,” Farmer testified.

In a separate story, the Post noted that Epstein’s ranch, located south of Santa Fe, sits on 7,600 acres of land and is very remote.

The ranch “has been painted as integral to his alleged sex trafficking operation by multiple women who claim they were trafficked and raped at the ranch.”

The lifestyle Maxwell and Epstein were leading on his many large and luxurious properties, to hear it from the women who have testified over the last two weeks, was one that would be inadequately described as hedonistic.

Safely tucked away behind lavish wealth on hidden away properties, the two appear to have been running a well-oiled operation to recruit and abuse young, impressionable girls who found themselves unable to refuse their advances.

The best that Maxwell’s defense attorneys have been able to argue is that these women don’t remember accurately what happened to them, and they are trying to paint the picture that Maxwell simply wasn’t as involved as they seem to think.

The consistency between the women’s respective testimonies, however, which include direct accusations of sexual abuse, are telling.

It is the right in this country for people who have been accused of a crime to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The jury will have to decide whether Maxwell is guilty or innocent, but I think that the court of public opinion is likely only growing more convinced of her guilt with each new revelation.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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