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4-Bedroom Home for Sale in England Sitting Atop Huge Cave System

The following article, 4-Bedroom Home for Sale in England Sitting Atop Huge Cave System, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Location is an incredibly important factor when searching for a house. Some prefer homes nestled between other homes in cozy neighborhoods, while others prefer some breathing room and a more natural setting.

But not many homes for sale can boast the location or features that one property does in Liskeard, United Kingdom.

According to the listing site Zoopla, the home has four bedrooms, a galley kitchen, a fireplace in the lounge set in a stone wall and a charming conservatory with views of the property.

The house itself is nothing to sneeze at, but with a listing price of over $1.5 million, there’s a lot more going on under the surface.

Set on close to 10 acres, the house is considered an “on-site 4 bedroom bungalow accommodation” for the main attraction: Carnglaze Caverns.

That’s right: The pricey house is just a sidenote to the popular attraction that sees up to 25,000 visitors a year, according to Stags real estate.

There’s parking for 180 vehicles, a gift shop, a ticket office and customer bathrooms.

The caves themselves were created when the spot was a slate mine. They’ve been outfitted to host weddings, and there’s even a stage where underground music events are held.

The caverns are about 200 feet underground, according to the attraction’s website. They’re also home to a beautiful lake.

While there’s no word on why the owners are selling, it sounds like they’ve put in the work.

“The business has been in the same hands for the last 20 years and has been substantially improved and developed over the years, to now provide not only significant turnover but potential future growth also,” Stags’ listing reads.

“The caverns, formed from an historic former slate mine, form part of Cornwall’s internationally important industrial heritage,” it says.

“The whole combines to be a visually stunning and versatile space as a visitor attraction and events venue.”

It’s certainly going to require someone with a vision, hustle and substantial funding to take over this massive project and “unique heritage visitor attraction” — but how cool would it be to operate such an interesting venue?

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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