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2 Prominent Actors Cut from Popular Soap Opera Over Mandate

The following article, 2 Prominent Actors Cut from Popular Soap Opera Over Mandate, was first published on Flag And Cross.

Two long-time actors on ABC’s daytime TV show “General Hospital” are no longer with the soap opera because they refused to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Actor Ingo Rademacher left the show in October, even though his final episode didn’t air until Monday, according to The New York Times.

Steve Burton said in an Instagram video on Tuesday that he is also no longer part of the show.

“Unfortunately, ‘General Hospital’ has let me go because of the vaccine mandate,” said Burton, who filmed his last episode on Oct. 27. ABC’s mandate for being vaccinated took effect Nov. 1.

“I did apply for my medical and religious exemptions, and both of those were denied — which, you know, hurts,” he said. “But this is also about personal freedom to me. I don’t think anybody should lose their livelihood over this.”

“I’ll always be grateful for my time at ‘General Hospital,’” Burton stated. “I believe that when one door closes, multiple doors open.

“”I’m excited to see what the future brings, and maybe one day if these mandates are lifted I can return and finish my career as Jason Morgan. That would be an honor, and if not, I’m going to take this amazing experience, move forward and be forever grateful.”

“I am forever grateful for your love and your support,” he said.

Are vaccine mandates wrong?

Burton tested positive for the coronavirus in August and said he had been exposed at work, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

He has been on the show in the role of Jason Morgan since 1991, though he did move to another show for a few years between 2012 and 2017.

Rademacher also said he would not comply with a vaccine mandate.

“I will stand with you to fight for medical freedom,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

Rademacher played the character Jasper “Jax” Jacks on the show, which he joined in 1996, according to Variety.

Fans, as always, had something to say.

“I’m kind of on the outs with everyone in Port Charles right now,” Rademacher’s character said, as he was heading off to Australia.

Also on Monday, Burton’s character was trapped in the collapse of a tunnel.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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